Check out our newly designed T’shirts and Longsleeves. Designed by artist and team rider Kathryn Hughes. A picture perfect view of Noosa’s famous points through the pandanus trees.

Available in a number of different colours.

Longsleeves perfect for the coming winter.

100% cotton, 200gsm, preshrunk.

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Hotdogger Competition Log

Hotdogger Log


For those of you looking for a competition log, check out the Log that Peter White rides…

Meets the new logging criteria. Minimum weight, soft round rails nose to tail, more lively but flows like a dream.
Peter states, “my board of choice in our log range”.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 9’3″ – 9’8″
Width: 22 1/2″- 23″
Thickness: 2 3/4″- 3 1/4″
Glassing: 6/ 6+6
Fins: Single 10″-11″ Fin

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PROFILE: Honolua Blomfield

A Little Info About Our Team Rider

Lives: Haleiwa, Hawaii

DOB: Feb 05, 1999

9’0″ Powerhouse Model
9’4″ Classic Californian


2016 Taiwan Open of Surfing 1st
2016 Duke’s Waikiki Wahine Longboard Pro 1st
2016 Noosa Festival of Surfing Women’s Pro 1st
2016 U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic
2015 U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic 1st
2014 U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic 1st
2013  Duke Ocean Fest Waikiki 1st
2013 ISA Longboard Champion in Peru 1st


Honolua started surfing at the age of 2 and is now a great long boarder and short boarder. She has truly excelled in Longboard competition, competing on the WSL longboard tour and finishing up ranked 7th in the world at the end of 2016.

With a progressive yet graceful style she surfs the world, travelling from competition to competition and also enjoys hiking, skateboarding, music and SUPing. We hope to see her again next year at in Noosa for the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Surf Whiz – Premium Online Surfing Courses

Surf Whiz LogoWhether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional surfer, you are always learning and improving. Surf Whiz is a great tool to help you improve and a place to find all the surfing information you need. On their site you’ll find out about our Classic Malibu board types, styles and what boards will best suit your surfing level and wave conditions.  Find our boards displayed here with information and links to our various models to find the board that’s right for you.

Surf Whiz is an online surfing and fitness educator with the aim to provide everyone from beginners through to advanced surfers the opportunity to improve and excel in their surfing ability. Surf Whiz offers comprehensive online courses for each level of surfing ability; beginner, intermediate and advanced. These courses will comprise of not only coaching for when you’re actually surfing but also the equipment you will be using, how to analyse surf locations and complex weather charts, fitness maintenance and much more.

In their new beginner course to be released, look out for our Classic Malibu board models featured, and details on how rocker, rail shape, fin-setup, concave etc. affect your surfboard and the way you ride.

You can follow Surf Whiz for the latest updates in surfing, equipment, technology, board construction, surfing fitness and course release dates.

: Website : : Instagram : : Facebook : facebook-banner-for-indigogo

Boardshorts and Boardshorts


We have a wide wide range of men’s boardshorts at great prices from $45 to $79.99, 4-way and 2-way stretch, in a range of colours and styles. Brands include:

  • Classic Malibu
  • Rhythm
  • Carve
  • Liive

and more…

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable walking short, surfing boardies, trunks or something for everything, you’ll find it in-store. Sizes include 30, 32, 33, 34, 36 ,38 & 40.

Available only onsite so come in and check ’em out or contact us for more photos and postage options.



The New One – XT From Ocean & Earth

The Evolution Continues

The new ONE-XT leash is raising the bar with 40% more strength and 40% more stretch. It is constructed using a new production technique and has a unique formula in the urethane cord allowing for superior stretch and memory retention.

Its packaging also minimises leash kinks, reducing the stretch on the urethane pre-use. The ankle or knee strap has vertically moulded neoprene panels for extra comfort. With no weak points the one piece leash is the “Worlds Strongest Leash” compared to competitor brands. For ultimate comfort and reliability check them out in-store. Currently available in 6ft and 10ft at Classic Malibu.

One Piece Legrope Banner



V-Flex Longboard


Just as our fashion is taking a trip back in time, so are the longboards. Amongst the progressive logs  and performance longboards the Old School style is back. With a Classic mid 60’s template, low slung hips and pinched rails the V-Flex has that “Old School feel” allowing excellent pivot from the tail. A touch of “New School” is added with the V-Stringer that tapers out towards the nose giving greater flex and nose-riding capabilities.

If you’re looking for your next log, check out the V-FLex for a great nose-riding and trimming single fin board to accompany the quiver. Meets the new “logger” competition criteria.


Typical Dimensions:

Length:       9’3″

Width:         22 3/4″

Thickness:  2 7/8″


Our Local Artists

Along with Classic Malibu Surfboards, custom boards and surfing accessories we also have some brilliant local artist works in-store. With varying mediums each of these artists works exhibits the beach culture encompassing Noosa’s lifestyle. Featured artists:

Marine Morat
Marnie Morat

A surfer and artist devoted to her artwork, family and passion for surfing.
Marnie was born in Perth, Western Australia, completing a graphic design degree at Curtin University. She worked in the industry of advertising and then as a freelance illustrator and designer for several years before designing her own art. After holding five one-man shows and many group exhibitions her work is now held in private collections all around the world.

Gathering inspiration from family, friends and the beauty of the ocean itself her art depicts the peaceful and quiet beauty of simple things. Marnie uses watercolours, ink, acrylics and pastels to bring her work to life. You can find her prints available here in-store, if you want to add a touch of the beauty and harmony to your home.

Andrew Carruthers

Andrew Carruthers

Andrew Carruthers is an amazing photographer who captures some of the most astonishing moments of Mother Nature, particularly of the ocean. He is also the WSL world longboard Chaplain assisting surfers in the pressure of competition. When athletes need someone to talk to he approaches each individual as a whole person and not just a competitor or champion. He is someone who will listen to provide advice and comfort to these surfers in times of high stress.

Born and raised in South East Queensland Andrew is now a well published Surf Photographer and writer. With these skills he now uses his photography business Narrow Path Media as a funding vehicle for Andrew Carruthers Longboard Chaplaincy. Andrew has taken some unbelievable photos throughout his career, if your looking for an image of that perfect wave for you’re wall, check out his work.

Susan Schmidt
Susan Schmidt

Susan Schmidt is a fine arts painter and graphic designer. Since 1998 her work has been in national and international solo and selected exhibitions. Living and working in Noosa her works are presented worldwide in both private and public collections.

Susan’s works are Contemporary Realism punctuated by subtle abstract elements. Her pieces reflect her concern for the environment, sustainable living and a more simple way of life. With simple beach scenes, reminiscing retro colours and the idea of her ‘Seaburbia’ that explores the cultural memory and heritage of the beachfront homes of Australia.