PVC Special Blend


The Special Blend is similar to the 4567, this is an inbetweener, but coming from the other side of the fence. A more traditional board, it features more volume and soft rails for that smooth glide. But don’t let that fool you. Narrower and with a refined tail and side fins, it is surprisingly light and responsive. A flatter rocker makes for easy paddling and the Special Blend has fantastic trim speed down the line.A great all-rounder with just a shade of yesteryear.

This board is constructed overseas from Super Durable Lightweight PVC wrapped Epoxy.

Fins: Fibreglass centre fin and GX sides included

Length 9’3’’     Width 22 3/4’’     Thickness 2 3/4’’

Nose 18 1/2’’      Tail 14 3/4’’

Colours: white with coloured bands and nose in blue/yellow, red/black, green/aqua, or with bamboo on deck and bottom and rails in aqua or white.

3 in stock (can be backordered)