Willi Footwear Thongs

Brad and Az Willis Footwear

This footwear invented by Brad and Az, spawned from the events of the “dreaded thong blow-out”. One story involving the struggle of getting into a German beer hall, unsuccessfully with only one thong and a similar experience of having both thongs blown out, a tripping incident and being left stranded barefoot and needing to buy a new pair of thongs.

Willi Footwear have since developed a unique range of thongs / flip flops. Their design focusing on ‘No More Blow-outs’ and ‘Interchangeable Bases & Straps’ to give the wearer more variety.

The interchangeable footwear is available in a unisex size range consisting of two styles – Regular – for those people with normal to wide feet, and Slim – mainly for ladies narrow feet. Regular and slim straps can be mixed with both regular and slim bases of the corresponding size so you really can create your own!

The sizing range is unisex and is based on the US men’s size. It ranges from 4/5 in the slim up to 13/14 in the regular. Some sizes are merged as there is an insignificant length between the two measurements.

Now available in Classic Malibu’s online store you can order these thongs and various straps to be sent straight to your door Australia wide. Prices include shipping costs.

Mix and match your bases and straps whenever you like! So you can now have your very own stylish interchangeable Willis Thongs for every occasion.

Willis Thongs

Janet White