Malibu Surfboards

Classic Malibu for Classic Malibu had been one of the most sought after brands since we hand made our first board over 30 years ago and we still offer our for those that want to take to the waves on the best The sport of surfing has grown significantly since then, and we have developed with... ... read more.

Noosa Longboards

Classic Malibu Offers Hand Made Classic Malibu has grown to become known for the high quality of our handmade surfboards since our founder made his first board over 50 years ago, and our are one of the most sought after Take to the waves on a custom surfboard designed and manufactured by... ... read more.

Noosa Surf Shop

Enjoy Bespoke Boards Created by an Established Choosing a Noosa surf shop can be a tricky task when you want to enjoy access to the best boards and the accessories you need to be successful out in the surf There's good news, though: you don't have to look far to find a surfshop that you can... ... read more.