The Powerhouse Model

Nic Jones by Ian Borland

Powerhouse ModelPW SHAPING BOARD

The powerhouse is a new model developed between team rider Nic Jones and shaper Peter White from Classic Malibu. bringing together the best of high performance surfing with unbelievable noseriding capabilities.

The board retains quite a curvy rocker through the rails, however, the full length single channel running through the bottom of the board straightens the bottom line in comparison to the rail line. This allows the board to keep its manoeuvrability to a maximum while increasing speed through turns and trimming through slower sections. The channel runs from nose concave and blends into the double concaves just in front of the fins, 7mm in depth and 180mm in width. Despite its performance characteristics the board offers great tip time for riders who want the best of both worlds. Being glassed extremely light adds to its responsiveness.

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