Classic Malibu - Log CM959B

As Longboarding evolves, we seem to be heading in the direction where it all began, back to the log. Log’s nowadays however are not just the unrefined piece of redwood they once used to be. It’s true, they are defined by particular specifications though there are so many variations within this. From the traditional 60s style shape with wide hips and pinched rails to progressive logs with tail lift and concaves, we stock them all and can custom make them to suit your every need.

Classic Malibu - 5 Stringer Old School CM601
Wide hips and pinched rails, just like the 60s. A single fin vintage style Log.

If you’re looking at competing in any logging events in Australia your log needs to meet the below specifications provided by Surfing Australia. We found it a little hard to track down the 2020 criteria so here it is plain and simple, from page 48 of the Surfing Australia rule book.

Logger Specifications

The board length is minimum 9 feet measured from the nose to the tail on the deck of the surfboard.

The width dimensions are to be a total minimum 51 inches in aggregate. This is the total of the widest point, plus the width 12 inches up from the tail and 12 inches back from the nose.

The board will have a single central fin that may be permanently fixed or attached via a fin box. There must be no provision for any other fin configuration.

The rails of the surfboard will be 50/50 or 60/40 from nose to tail
The board will have no resin edge from rail to tail
The fin will be at least 8 inches from its mounted base to the highest point.

A provision for attaching a leg rope should be attached / inserted into the surfboard. The use of leg ropes will determined by the conditions and at the Contest Director’s discretion.

The board will weigh a minimum of eight (8) kilograms.

If you’re looking for a board that fits this criteria, then we’ve got you sorted with this months special!
Come in and chat to our staff and shaper about a true log that suits your needs.


VFlex Vintage Old Skool Longboard Surfboard
Our V-flex stringer adds flex through the nose, keeping your toes over the nose while the double stringer makes the tail stiffer, locking in to give you a sweet noseride.