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Classic Malibu - Log CM959B

As Longboarding evolves, we seem to be heading in the direction where it all began, back to the log. Log’s nowadays however are not just the unrefined piece of redwood they once used to be. It’s true, they are defined by particular specifications though there are so many variations within this. From the traditional 60s style shape with wide hips and pinched rails to progressive logs with tail lift and concaves, we stock them all and can custom make them to suit your every need.

Hotdogger Competition Log

Hotdogger Log

  For those of you looking for a competition log, check out the Log that Peter White rides… Meets the new logging criteria. Minimum weight, soft round rails nose to tail, more lively but flows like a dream. Peter states, “my board of choice in our log range”. Typical Dimensions Length: 9’3″ – 9’8″ Width: […]

Surf Whiz – Premium Online Surfing Courses

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional surfer, you are always learning and improving. Surf Whiz is a great tool to help you improve and a place to find all the surfing information you need. On their site you’ll find out about our Classic Malibu board types, styles and what boards will best suit your […]

The Powerhouse Model

Nic Jones by Ian Borland

The powerhouse is a new model developed between team rider Nic Jones and shaper Peter White from Classic Malibu. bringing together the best of high performance surfing with unbelievable noseriding capabilities. The board retains quite a curvy rocker through the rails, however, the full length single channel running through the bottom of the board straightens […]