Australian Longboard Open

Honolua Blomfield


Last week the Australian Longboard Open was held at Kingscliff. This was also an LQS event for our Australian surfers to gain a few more QS points towards their campaign. With very small conditions making this a challenge, all competitors were able to put on a fantastic display of surfing in all divisions throughout the week.

Huge congratulations to our team riders competing, with Honolua Blomfield taking out the Women’s Pro LQS event in a hotly contested final against Tory Gilkerson. Nic Jones taking third in the Men’s Pro division, Kathryn Hughes making it to the Semi’s and Kirra Molnar into round 2 all to pick up a few QS points for their rankings.

Nic Jones also took 1st in the Logger and Kirra 3rd in the Open Women’s 9ft. Check out the website for more details and action shots from the week.


Top Left, Right and Bottom Left Images by Andrew Carruthers
Bottom Right Image by Gary McEvoy


Bouyant Noserider Longboard EPS

After a bigger board, more volume or something that just floats better, but not too heavy? Especially with the flat spell we’ve had all down the East coast so far this summer.

Classic Malibu has been working on a few boards with more buoyancy and less weight, just in case you want to carry it round to Tea Tree. The latest, a 10’2″ Nosrider model with the signature squid tail. This board is made with an EPS foam that has more air inside, creating better flotation. Glassed with a 4 ounce on the bottom and a 6 with Soric on the deck for a lighter weight yet stronger construction.

We can custom make these in any size and shape whether it be PU or EPS blanks.

Give us a call to discuss your next board.

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Hotdogger Competition Log

Hotdogger Log


For those of you looking for a competition log, check out the Log that Peter White rides…

Meets the new logging criteria. Minimum weight, soft round rails nose to tail, more lively but flows like a dream.
Peter states, “my board of choice in our log range”.

Typical Dimensions

Length: 9’3″ – 9’8″
Width: 22 1/2″- 23″
Thickness: 2 3/4″- 3 1/4″
Glassing: 6/ 6+6
Fins: Single 10″-11″ Fin

Check out our stock online : HOTDOGGER :

Surf Whiz – Premium Online Surfing Courses

Surf Whiz LogoWhether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional surfer, you are always learning and improving. Surf Whiz is a great tool to help you improve and a place to find all the surfing information you need. On their site you’ll find out about our Classic Malibu board types, styles and what boards will best suit your surfing level and wave conditions.  Find our boards displayed here with information and links to our various models to find the board that’s right for you.

Surf Whiz is an online surfing and fitness educator with the aim to provide everyone from beginners through to advanced surfers the opportunity to improve and excel in their surfing ability. Surf Whiz offers comprehensive online courses for each level of surfing ability; beginner, intermediate and advanced. These courses will comprise of not only coaching for when you’re actually surfing but also the equipment you will be using, how to analyse surf locations and complex weather charts, fitness maintenance and much more.

In their new beginner course to be released, look out for our Classic Malibu board models featured, and details on how rocker, rail shape, fin-setup, concave etc. affect your surfboard and the way you ride.

You can follow Surf Whiz for the latest updates in surfing, equipment, technology, board construction, surfing fitness and course release dates.

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V-Flex Longboard


Just as our fashion is taking a trip back in time, so are the longboards. Amongst the progressive logs  and performance longboards the Old School style is back. With a Classic mid 60’s template, low slung hips and pinched rails the V-Flex has that “Old School feel” allowing excellent pivot from the tail. A touch of “New School” is added with the V-Stringer that tapers out towards the nose giving greater flex and nose-riding capabilities.

If you’re looking for your next log, check out the V-FLex for a great nose-riding and trimming single fin board to accompany the quiver. Meets the new “logger” competition criteria.


Typical Dimensions:

Length:       9’3″

Width:         22 3/4″

Thickness:  2 7/8″


The Powerhouse Model

Nic Jones by Ian Borland

Powerhouse ModelPW SHAPING BOARD

The powerhouse is a new model developed between team rider Nic Jones and shaper Peter White from Classic Malibu. bringing together the best of high performance surfing with unbelievable noseriding capabilities.

The board retains quite a curvy rocker through the rails, however, the full length single channel running through the bottom of the board straightens the bottom line in comparison to the rail line. This allows the board to keep its manoeuvrability to a maximum while increasing speed through turns and trimming through slower sections. The channel runs from nose concave and blends into the double concaves just in front of the fins, 7mm in depth and 180mm in width. Despite its performance characteristics the board offers great tip time for riders who want the best of both worlds. Being glassed extremely light adds to its responsiveness.

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