When Peter And Janet White launched the Classic Malibu label some 33 years ago they were the only manufacturers and retailers of surfboards in the Noosa region. Now, two and a half decades on, the name of Classic Malibu is recognised around the world as a purveyor of expertly crafted traditional and progressive longboards. With some fifty years of shaping experience under his sanding belt, founder and head shaper Peter White brings every year of that knowledge and talent into each and every board he creates, demanding the same attention to detail and high level of perfection of his staff.

Since their formative years, the team at Classic Malibu have expanded their quiver to include high performance shortboards, mini mals and a range of retro equipment, from fishes to eggs, twin and quad fins to old school logs. They are the only company to have sponsored the Noosa Festival of Surfing, since it’s inception in 1992 and are a long-standing and integral part of the Noosa Festival of surfing held every year in March.

Manufactured on-site and 100% Australian-owned, Classic Malibu is a brand with a pedigree to trust, creating boards from start to finish all on site at their factory outlet in Noosaville. Offering a level of high-quality workmanship, from shaping to glassing and finishing, Classic Malibu creates a superior product at competitive prices, whilst the showroom carries an extensive range of boards, surf apparel and all the accessories you require for your surfing needs.