• Great service, and always helpful.

    Marty Bigwave
  • Such friendly, generous and helpful advice from Janet, based on decades of local experience in longboards. Beautifully crafted mals in store, with many custom variations and options also available. Really can’t beat this kind of service. Thank you!

    Michael Hann
  • I am absolutely wrapped with my new board. You guys have done a great job and colour is perfect.

    Greg Bottell
  • Big thanks to Peter for my 10’6 picked up a few weeks ago. An absolute ripper of a board. And the colour scheme is exactly what I wanted. Great job!

    Mark Lingard
  • I picked up a few years ago…It is my go to board in 1 to 3 foot beach break. Pete’s craftsmanship is great, the board after 3 years has no deck compressions.

    Thanks guys, I’m in need of a new CM egg soon so I’ll see you then. 

  • It flows like a magic carpet from what I’ve seen, and her noseriding potential is truly awesome. It is like a freight train launched at full speed. Magical to pass sections!
    I am very happy with the board and can’t wait to surf it again.

  • G’day Fellas, just a quick note to give you a huge pat on the back for your classic noserider model. I took this board over to Bali for a 10 day solo trip, and the board was outstanding. I surfed perfect Canggu at well overhead, and really good Medawi at 5-6 feet and the board just excelled. The locals at Medawi were really impressed with the contours of the board and the way it just flows and rides. Congratulations on the Classic Noserider!

    Paul Tutin
  • Amazing boards that never disappoint. 

    Larry Durfer
  • Well they’re all i ride whether I’m surfing around home or competing in the ASP World Longboard Tour. Love at first ride!

    Nic Jones
  • I’ve got a 9’6 Classic Malibu Noserider model – best board I’ve owned by a long shot.

    I’ll stick to Classic Malibu as long as I can surf !

    Matt S
  • Took the board to Noosa Main Beach for a paddle yesterday & loved it!

    Simon Sheppard
  • Just wanted to say thanks for my new board.  Even friends have commented that I’m surfing better on it.  It also paddles a lot easier so I’m catching more waves. It’s very responsive and reacts exactly how I expect it to.

    Looking forward to getting a nice clean swell on the points to give it a really good run.

    Jody Brady