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Classic Malibu for Malibu Surfboards

Classic Malibu had been one of the most sought after brands since we hand made our first board over 30 years ago and we still offer our Malibu Surfboards for those that want to take to the waves on the best. The sport of surfing has grown significantly since then, and we have developed with it, offering several models suitable for different styles, all while keeping the emphasis on quality that we have always been known for since those early days.

What Sets Classic Malibu Apart Regarding Longboards

With the popularity of surfing worldwide, surfers today have many options when it comes to finding a new board. Many of these are mass-produced using substandard materials. They might do a passable job out on the waves, at least for a while, but they don’t have the character or design quality of the high end and bespoke boards we offer. Here are a few of the things that set our boards apart from the rest:

After a fire ripped through our factory several years ago we have around 50 stock boards for sale at our new site at the corner of Venture drive and Project avenue in Noosaville. These boards showcase our design and quality of all styles. Peter shapes each board and is available to talk through your designs and you can even watch him shape your custom. From the smallest shortboards to the heavy, traditional 10 footers.

  • Each one of our boards is hand made in our on-sight factory by experienced board makers who love the sport and have spent a lot of time on the waves. They know surfing, and that knowledge gives them a greater understanding of what other surfers need in their boards.
  • With a full range of boards in stock from the smallest shortboards to the heavy, traditional ten footers hanging on the walls, we have a selection that includes a board for everyone. To delete
  • If you can’t find what you want in our stock, we are happy to create a custom board to your preference. Once we have the board model, length, fin setup, colour and anything else you want us to know, we can make it. Check out our Board Gallery for inspiration if you need ideas.

Benefits of the Classic Malibu in Noosa

When you show up on the beach with one of our unique handmade boards, you will turn heads. Once you take it out on the water, you’ll never go back to one of those mass-produced models again. Beyond the notable style and the performance of our boards, a few of the other benefits of coming to us include:

  • We offer surf accessories and clothing from our surf shop in Noosa. From board covers to leashes, we have everything you need to take to the waves.
  • Our custom boards are investments into a sport you love. For those who want one of our quality boards at a discount, we offer a small selection of previously owned boards.
  • Another option for those wanting to try one of our boards is our board hire. Before you have us make you a custom board, hire one of our demos to make sure it’s the right board for you.

About Classic Malibu

When we launched the Classic Malibu label, we were the only manufacturer and retailer of surfboards longboards in the Noosa region. Today, our brand is known worldwide for the high quality of our boards even as we have expanded to offer so many different styles. Our boards are manufactured locally, and we are a one hundred percent Australian owned business. If you are interested in learning more about our Classic Malibu in Australia, contact us today.