Noosa Longboards

Classic Malibu Offers Hand Made Noosa Longboards

Classic Malibu has grown to become known for the high quality of our handmade surfboards since our founder made his first board over 50 years ago, and our Noosa Longboards are one of the most sought after. Take to the waves on a custom surfboard designed and manufactured by surfers who know precisely how to make the best boards. We have boards to fit every style of surfing, including paddleboards and softboards.

What Sets Classic Malibu Apart Regarding Longboard Surfboards

Our boards are well known among the best surfers in the world for the quality of our construction, but you don’t have to be a professional to appreciate the quality of our one of a kind surfboards or the way they cut through the water. The following are a few of the things that set us apart from the rest:

  • Our surf shop features over 50 surfboards, many of them longboards for sale. With that selection, we have a board for every surfer and their style of riding the waves.
  • We love custom orders; they give our designers a chance to shine and make something truly unique that we know our customer will cherish. A custom board will cost no more than one off the shelf.
  • For more budget-minded surfers, browse our small second hand selection full of well-loved boards that will serve you well. Visitors to our surf shop can also take advantage of our board hire if they want to try a demo model before they buy.

Benefits of Longboard Surfboards in Australia from Classic Malibu

The longboard might have been the original surfboard, but it continues to be one of the most common types of surfboard and with good reason. Due to its size, it has significant buoyancy, and this gives the surfer the ability to plane the surface and ride waves that might be too small for a shortboard to surf. Here are a few of the other benefits of a longboard:

  • Because they can surf smaller waves than short boards, they make an excellent choice for beginners. Another benefit from their size, comes in stability, another advantage for the novice surfer.
  • More experienced long boarders can perform nose riding manoeuvres, which involves controlling the board while standing on the nose. This manoeuvre dates to when surfing became internationally famous, having become popular in the 1950s and is a real show of skill.
  • Being able to handle smaller waves makes the longboard an excellent option for those who regularly surf on beaches without large waves. Not everyone is blessed with living in a place with great waves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t surf.

About Classic Malibu

Our story began with the surfboard our founder designed, and hand made over 50 years ago. For a long time, we were the only manufacturer and retailer of surfboards in Noosa, and as we grew with the popularity of the sport and the reputation of our boards among surfers rose, we retained the passion for superior quality that earned us that reputation in the first place. Contact us today to learn more about our boards, custom options and to buy our Longboards Online.