Noosa Surf Shop

Enjoy Bespoke Boards Created by an Established Noosa Surf Shop

Choosing a Noosa surf shop can be a tricky task when you want to enjoy access to the best boards and the accessories you need to be successful out in the surf. There’s good news, though: you don’t have to look far to find a surfshop that you can trust with your investment. With Classic Malibu, you’ll find innovative designs, eye-popping visuals, and ultimately, quality construction and precise shaping that speaks to decades of passion and experience. With founder and head shaper Peter White still at the reins of the business, Classic Malibu offers exciting opportunities to surfers everywhere in, around, and outside Noosa.

What Sets Classic Malibu Apart as a Surf Board Shop in Noosa

How are we able to stand out? From boards you can purchase right now to custom-made orders, we offer a wide range of services in our efforts to support the sport we love so much. Here’s how our hard work allows us to stand out for our customers as the clear winner:

  • Our boards reflect an effortless blend of retro characteristics with modern qualities and tastes. A quick look at our longboards will reveal a glimpse at our abilities, but this is just a scratch on the surface.
  • We have a well-cultivated heritage of support and enthusiasm for surfing. As original sponsors of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, we love to nurture the next generations of surfers through our support and board shaping abilities.
  • We have a keen interest in what our customers want from their surfing experience — not just an interest in making sales.

Explore some of our current models now for a quick look at what we can produce with our abilities and dedication to quality.

What You Can Expect from Classic Malibu As Your Surf Shop in Noosa

Want something a little more personal from your surfboard shop? At Classic Malibu, custom orders are our “bread and butter.” We’re always excited to hear from surfers of all skill levels who want to play a prominent role in how their board performs. When you come to us for a bespoke order, here’s what you can expect:

  • Attentive and friendly customer service. From basic questions to advanced enquiries about specific board features, we provide the in-depth answers you require.
  • An impressive selection of boards ready for purchase along with the accessories necessary to have a safe, fun time out among the waves.
  • The ability to deliver individually customised boards created to any specification. Our passion for shaping boards has allowed us to enjoy decades in the surfing community, and we continue to use those skills today.

About Classic Malibu

A fixture in the Noosa area for decades now, Classic Malibu boasts a reputation for quality and commitment to our sport. Backed up by more than five decades of experience and a passion for the waves that has never subsided, you’ll find an excited and engaged resource for aiding your next steps in surfing. Explore the boards we have available for purchase online now or reach out for a friendly chat about a custom order.