Custom Longboards

Find Custom Longboards to Help You Nail That Perfect Line

What could you achieve out in the surf if you had an arsenal of custom longboards from which to choose? When you’re surfing, and a wave begins to swell beneath you, the rest of the world drops away, and only three things remain – you, your board, and the water itself. Every surfer knows that feeling of being locked into a battle of will as the wave challenges your ability to control the board. Over time, as you win more battles than you lose, you can develop a clear sense of which boards deliver the experience you love the best. When nothing off the shelf seems to suit you, though, there is another option: custom made longboards. With Classic Malibu, you can tap into a decades-long legacy of shaping that produces some of the finest bespoke boards in the world.
Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for your custom orders to be ready to collect.

What Sets Classic Malibu Apart in Creating Custom Longboard in Australia?

Why choose to partner with our experienced shapers when you’re interested in purchasing custom longboards in Noosa? From our founding through to today, we’ve developed a legacy of hand-shaped boards that reflect the best qualities of the sport. Our boards stand out in many ways:

  • Every single one of our custom longboards undergoes meticulous shaping by hand using the same tools as master shapers have for decades. The process is one of an ongoing collaboration between the shaper and the client, too; as the board takes shape, we coordinate with you to ensure it will perform just as you expect.
  • We have decades of experience in board creation with an understanding honed in the waves. Classic Malibu’s founder shaped his first boards in 1968 and never looked back. Today, that experience sets a benchmark for quality.

With resilience and a dedication to providing our customers with boards that will thrill and delight them for years to come, Classic Malibu is a fixture for Noosa surfers for a reason.

The Benefits of Custom Longboard Surfboards from Classic Malibu

What about the boards themselves, though? We’re proud of our excellent service, but it is our longboards and their capabilities that we value the most. Through careful shaping and constant communication with our clients, we can deliver benefits that include:

  • Board shapes and features in the precise combination that you desire. Whether you favour control, stability, or another factor, we can deliver precisely the board you’ve imagined in your dreams.
  • Every custom board you order is truly one of a kind — there will never be another quite like it. Not only is every board a piece of art in its own right, but it will be uniquely yours. How many other boards can do that?

About Classic Malibu

Founded by shaper Peter White, Classic Malibu began as a way to translate a passion for surfing into an opportunity to connect and share that joy with others. Today, with more than 50 years of shaping experience and an established presence in the community, we’re proud to make it easier than ever for local surfers and for those around the world to order custom boards from a master of his craft. Let us know about your ideas today, or contact us directly for help.

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