TLS Carbon Deckgrip


The TOOLS announces the revolutionary world first CARBON FIBER pad. This is an amazing breakthrough for the TOOLS three piece Pad which has been fitted with Carbon Fibre Inserts, giving an awesome amount of strength and protection to the tail of the board, when performing any tail specific maneuvers especially landing airs and floaters without compromising the comfort or traction. A true EVOLution in surf products.


  • 3 piece pad design Centre arch 5.5mm
  • Tail kick 30 mm, Mt Fuji Lock Cross pattern
  • Size 290mm x 305mm 3M Adhesive
  • NEW Mt FUJI LOCK: A new tread pattern with raised peaks (just like Mt fuji !). Fuji Lock gives maximum grip for when you need it most! Tools Original Designed Groove

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)