Honolua Blomfield

Lives: Haleiwa, Hawaii

DOB: Feb 05, 1999

9'0" Powerhouse Model
9'4" Classic Californian
9'6" Honolua Log

Results: 2017 Women's World Longboard Champion

2017 Taiwan Open World Longboard Championships 1st
2017 Turtle Bay Resort Pro 1st
2017 Women's Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships 3rd
2016 Taiwan Open of Surfing 1st
2016 Duke's Waikiki Wahine Longboard Pro 1st
2016 Noosa Festival of Surfing Women's Pro 1st
2016 U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic
2015 U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic 1st
2014 U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic 1st
2013  Duke Ocean Fest Waikiki 1st
2013 ISA Longboard Champion in Peru 1st


Honolua started surfing at the age of 2 and is now a great long boarder and short boarder. She has truly excelled in Longboard competition, competing on the WSL longboard tour and finishing up as World Champion at the end of 2017.

With a progressive yet graceful style she surfs the world, travelling from competition to competition and also enjoys hiking, skateboarding, music and SUPing.

Honolua Blomfield 2017 World Champion Honolua Blomfield 2017 World Champion

Honolua Blomfield

Honolua Blomfield

Kathryn Hughes

Lives: Caloundra, QLD

DOB: 18 Aug 1991


9'0" High performance square tail 2+1. Thin light, big under nose concave and slight rocker (Teal Blue)
9'3" Old School Logger (Green Sea Creatures)
6'1" Shortboard (Yellow & Purple)

2017 Alexandra Headland Winter Classic, Open Womens, 2nd
2015 Taiwan Open of Surfing, 3rd, Womens Open
2015 Australian Longboard Titles, 3rd, Womens Open
2015 Queensland State Longboard Titles, 1st, Womens Open,
2014 Australian Surf Festival, Coffs Harbour, 3rd, Womens Open
2014 Noosa Festival of Surfing, 2nd,Womens Open,

Club Member:
Caloundra Malibu Club since it started

All my life I have been hearing impaired (my left ear does not hear and still the right has a hearing aid). I have no water proof hearing aid either, which often interests people due to the significance between hearing and balance. This, however, does not affect my balance when surfing.

My favourite thing to do apart from surfing is my artwork which includes mediums such as painting, paint pens, water colouring, crafting, designing ideas, tie-dye and painting on surfboards.

Places to Surf:
I love driving down south in my 1999 White Hiace Van and surfing some of those funny places like Flat rock (Lennox Head), Tallows, Cabrita Beach, Arrawarra, Coffs Harbour and Cresent Head. However, I also love surfing my home breaks including Moffats, Currimundi, Buddina and Noosa.

Kathryn Hughes in China Posca Kathryn Taiwan Kathryn Hughes Taiwan Open

Kathryn Hughes

Kathryn Hughes

Nic Jones

Lives: Caloundra, QLD

DOB: Jul 31, 1994

9'5" Classic Malibu Classic Californian Model
9'1" Classic Malibu Performer Model
5'11" Classic Malibu NicOff Model Shortboard
5'7" Fat Boy Fat Model

2014 ASP LQS Chiba Pro Japan
2014 ASP LQS Mandura Cup WA, 3rd
2014 ASP Australiasian Longboard QS, 3rd
2014 ASP LQS Taiwan Open of Surfing, 5th
2014 ASP QS Taiwan Open of Surfing,
2012-13 Noosa Festival of Surfing Open Men's Division
2011-15 QLD State Longboard Titles, 1st

Nic has grown up on the East Coast of Australia, world renowned for producing the best surfers on the globe. The Sunshine Coast is home to Nic, where he has been surfing on both short boards and longboards since the age of four.

Nic is in line to become one of Australia's best longboarders coming up through the ranks and, at the age of 18, earned a place on the ASP World Longboard Tour, chasing down a World Title. Helping him are his sponsors Jones Sport Performance, Shapers Fins, Agent Eighteen Wetsuits, Classic Malibu, Snap Fitness, Total Sports Nutrition and On A Mission Australia.

Nic Jones SurfingNic Jones Surfing LongboardNic Jones Surfing
Photography by Andrew Carruthers - Narrow Path Media

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Nic Jones

Nic Jones

Patrick O'Leary

Lives: Caloundra, QLD

DOB: Dec 16, 1985

Rides: -

2017 QLD State Titles Logger Champion
2014 Noosa Festival of Surfing - 5th, Men's Open

Patrick O'Leary

Patrick O'Leary

Huang Wei (JJ)

Lives: Hainan, China

DOB: March 18, 1996

9'1" Performer Model
9'1" Classic Californian Model

2016 China Tour Championship, Open Mens, 1st
2016 Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open, Open Mens, 2nd
2015 Tribord Surfing Hainan Open, Open Mens, 1st
2015 The First Jile Traditional Longboard Contest, Open Mens, 1st
2015 The First Jile Costume Surf Contest,1st
2014 Surfing Hainan Open, Open Mens, 4th
2014 Blue Hawaii Charity Surf Event, Open Mens, 2nd
2013 O'neil Surfing Longboard Open, Open Mens, 4th

Huang Wei was born in Wanning city of Hainan province, China. With a warm personality and talent for sport he is now one of the first generation pioneers of China's pro surfers. After only having surfed for 4 years he has made many surfing achievements, with the hope of achieving more as a pro surfer and playing an incremental role in growing China's surfing industry at the same time.

Over his surfing career Huang Wei has won China's wild card to the World Longboard Championship event in 2014, competing against some of the worlds top Longboarders. In is own time he is devoted to promoting surfing in China by encouraging people to experience surfing in a number of ways.


surfing 1 camel interview five

Huang Wei (JJ)

Huang Wei (JJ)

Kirra Molnar

Lives: Noosa Heads, QLD

DOB: Oct 6, 1993

5'8" Performance Shortboard
5'9" Wider tail thruster Perfomance Shortboard
9'0" Powerhouse Model Longboard
9'1" Powerhouse Log Model


2018 Whalebone Classic, Logger, 1st
2018 Whalebone Classic, Open Women's, 2nd
2018 Alexandria Headland Winter Classic, Open Women's, 2nd
2018 State Longboard Titles, Open Women's, 2nd
2018 James Bros Longboard Classic LQS, Pro Women's, 3rd
2018 Surf Lifesaving State Titles, Open Womens Shortboard, 1st
2018 Surf Lifesaving State Titles, Open Womens Longboard, 2nd
2018 Surf Lifesaving Regional Titles, Open Womens Shortboard, 1st
2018 Surf Lifesaving Regional Titles, Open Womens Longboard, 2nd
2017 Alexandra Headland Winter Classic, Open Womens, 3rd
2017 Australian Longboard Titles, Open Womens, 4th
2017 QLD State Longboard Titles, 2nd
2017 WSL LQS Australian Longboard Surfing Open, Quarter Finalist
2017  Surf Lifesaving Australian Titles, Open Womens Longboard, 1st
2017  Surf Lifesaving State Titles, Open Womens Shortboard, 1st
2016 Noosa Logger, Open Womens, 4th
2015 Noosa Logger, Open Womens, 5th

Growing up in Noosa, Kirra enjoys both short boarding and longboarding. Surfing and competing locally in a a few competitions she has won gold surfing at both State and Australian Surf Lifesaving Titles. As well as this she has competed on the LQS against some of the worlds best longboarders. Kirra works in the Classic Malibu factory and as a surf coach sharing her knowledge of surfing and our boards with others.

Favourite Breaks:
Tea Tree Bay or Granite Bay
Sunshine Beach

Kirra Molnar Surfing Classic Californian at Sunshine Beach Kirra Molnar Classic Malibu Team Rider Shortboarding Kirra Molnar Surfing Noosa Logger Competition

Kirra Molnar

Kirra Molnar